Business and operational planning, change project management

  • Expansion
  • Start-ups
  • Sales development
  • New geographical markets
  • New products, services and concepts
  • Generational change
  • Turn around
  • Outsourcing
  • Improving efficiency
  • Digitalization
  • Process orientation
  • Procurement
  • Compliance
  • Security protection
  • Sales, purchases and mergers of companies

Training and inspirational lectures

  • Vision and values management of companies
  • The importance of nature for people and business
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Change management
  • Setting up and working with a management team
  • Methodology for clients
  • Steering group work
  • Project management for business people
  • Change processes in companies
  • Processes and process management
  • Sales - Methodology, strategy and tactics
  • Business development 0 - 100
  • Developments in trade
  • Digitalization - history and future

Business support

  • Coaching of owners, boards of directors and top managers
  • Business and operational planning
  • Ownership directive / Articles of Association
  • Organization of Boards of directors, rules of procedure
  • Recruitment of Boards of directors, CEO and key personnel
  • Risk analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • Reviewer and 2ond opinions
  • Management and monitoring of activities, initiatives and projects
  • Customer support
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Workshop management
  • Conference planning and management
  • Personal and team development
  • Corporate center set up
  • Procurement and tenders
  • Administration of pension funds
  • The Security Protection Act
  • Project management of compliance projects, KYC, AML

Since the start more than 16 years ago, we have been trusted to help owners and managers in several hundred projects in more than 120 companies and other organizations in Sweden and abroad.

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