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We bring structure, knowledge, creativity and courage to change by offering advice, coaching, consultant services and training.

Trusted by owners and managers of more than 120 companies including

We bring structure, knowledge, creativity and courage to change.

Founded in 2007, Tangaroa Consulting® are independent management consultants who help leaders of companies, organizations and projects to achieve desired results in an efficient and sustainable way.

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We invest at least 1% of our turnover in projects that contribute to the benefit of nature.

Time to move forward

Spring is here and the weather is varied to say the least. In the distance there are dark clouds we don't know where they are going.

The conscious leader recognizes that leadership and business and/or organizational development must be raised to a new level to face the future, whatever it brings. And that this means we need to work together. Hybrid working is here to stay, but more and more research is showing that the dynamism and spontaneous interaction created by working in the same room is crucial. What does this mean for leadership? And how do we recruit and ensure we have the right skills for the future?

The questions of why we do it, what we do and what is important when we do it have never been more important to discuss than now, when the world is changing faster and the future is increasingly difficult to predict.

Sustainable success in the short and long term

For us, all businesses and adventures are equal as they have uncertain outcomes and contain risks.

To increase your chances of success and create the best possible experience, you need to plan well. You must have your route well described and ensure that the equipment you use is appropriate and of high quality. All participants should be cohesive, well-trained and have skills optimized to handle even difficult and unforeseen tasks well and safely.

To be successful, you also need the right approach, the right attitude and the right culture, which are different from those performing the same tasks in a stable and predictable environment.

The culture you want to aspire to is curious and aware of what is happening but also has the courage and ambition to do something with it. It takes the lead and is at the forefront.

Tangaroa Consulting® has extensive experience in both business and adventure. We specialize in coaching and facilitating strategic change processes at owner level, board of directors level, and management level in both companies as well as other organizations.


We and our network of experienced and carefully selected specialists and generalists in their own companies make it possible to offer the commitment of the individual consultant but with the combined power of a larger organization.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Magnus Brink

Magnus specializes in advising, executive coaching and leading strategic change processes at owner, board of directors and management level.

Photo of Christel Brink

Christel Brink

Christel specializes in helping management teams and clients to ensure that their business ideas have the desired impact.

Our clients comment

We have been trusted to help owners and managers in more than 120 companies and other organizations.

"Unique ability to go from idea to implementation."
"Thank you for a great job! It feels like this work has given us a lot. Both on paper but also in pure energy."
"We really needed your experience in our change process."
"Provokes new thinking."
"Good at creating participation and making our work meetings lively."
"Stimulating, perspective-changing and fun days."

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.