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Ensures that business ideas achieve the desired effects

Christel Brink is a management consultant and entrepreneur with extensive experience of ventures and projects under the auspices of others as well as her own.

Christel's assignments as a consultant often involve helping management teams and clients in their efforts to ensure that their business ideas achieve the desired effects. She is most often found in roles such as client support, business project manager, workshop leader or coach. She works both in Sweden and abroad.

Christel is curious, courageous and easy to understand complex relationships. Her leadership style is goal-oriented, enthusiastic and motivating, which strengthens the ability of individuals and groups to achieve even ambitious goals.

Christel started Tangaroa AB in 2007 together with Magnus Brink. Besides consulting, the company has also developed the conference concept Business Basecamp™ and the e-commerce concept B4Adventures®. Before Christel became a management consultant and entrepreneur, she worked for more than 20 years in senior positions in banking, with everything from sales and customer care to international business development, always with a strong focus on IT.

Christel is a certified facilitator according to the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) requirements for international certification.

Christel and her family travel extensively and have visited six continents for various adventures. Christel has a passion for hiking, cycling and skiing in scenic surroundings.

Tangaroa Consulting® offers advice, executive coaching, consulting services, training and lectures in the areas of corporate, business and organizational development, business planning and adventure in nature.

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