The adventure film

Why are we making a movie?

When we spend time in nature, our brains rest from demanding impressions and we relax. The effect is so tangible that it produces medically measurable reductions in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. At the same time, leaving security and experiencing adventure sharpens all the senses and makes you more sensitive and open to your surroundings and yourself. You see, smell and hear more. Impressions and learnings become bigger and stronger.

Filming of pilot movie, August 2019

We believe that if more people spent more time in nature, people, businesses, society and nature would feel even better and more of our problems would be solved better and faster.

We have been working outdoors with business owners and managers since 2007. We now want our message to reach a wider audience and have decided to produce a different short film for this purpose.

The film aims to win a category at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which is an international film festival for adventure films and is considered the world's largest in its genre. The festival started in 1976 and is held annually in the town of Banff in western Canada. The best films then go on tour with more than 1000 screenings in over 50 countries. In the Nordic countries, around 25 screenings are held each year to packed houses.

The film will also be shown in other contexts as appropriate.


We follow three high-performing colleagues as they meet at the office in noisy Stockholm early one morning. They are faced with a problem and we follow their frustration and stress as they fail to come up with a solution. As they sit in front of their screens in their offices and meeting rooms, we see something they don't see. Nature is trying to help them.

Filming in Vålådalen in August 2019

In a neat and surreal way, nature figuratively (with the help of VFX) tries to enter their rooms and their minds. Behind their backs outside the large window of the office, we see a forest emerging over the entire city view. Eventually, the power of nature comes to them and forces them to feel the sense of being in the moment. Realizing what they need to do, they pack their bags and head out into nature.

We follow their journey through various magnificent Nordic environments; as they hike through forests and up mountains, as they ski in pristine landscapes, and as they take on the forces of nature.

They slowly but surely find their way back to the calm and open mind that we all strive for and the solution to their problems is revealed to them.

The film should be entertaining and exciting for everyone to see, but also challenging in terms of images and ideas. Filming will take place in beautiful Swedish wilderness environments and in Stockholm.

Project and production organization

Executive producer: Magnus Brink

Management consultant and entrepreneur with a unique ability to turn ideas into reality in a structured way. Magnus specializes in coaching and leading strategic change processes at owner, board of directors and management level.

Executive producer: Christel Brink

Management consultant and entrepreneur with extensive experience in initiatives and projects, both owned and managed by others. Christel specializes in helping management teams and clients in their efforts to ensure that their business ideas achieve the desired effects.

Project Manager: Moniqa Löfstedt

Consultant with extensive experience in management and projects in business and non-profit organizations.

Film producer: Petter Selvehed

Film producer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in film. Has produced both drama and commercials for companies such as Max, 1664 Kronenburg, Microsoft, Rebook and Fiat.

Written and Directed by Arvin Kananian

Director, screenwriter and actor. In 2018 he directed the short films Tomorrow the birds will sing and Swallow you whole.

Director of Photography: Markus Möller

More than 10 years of experience in film and photography. Works both in Sweden and internationally.

Sponsors and main funders

Tangaroa AB, Business Basecamp and Makeriet are currently the main financiers.

We are now looking for additional sponsors.

If you want to see a taste of the movie, we have a pilot ready. Get in touch and we'll arrange a screening. You can find our contact information here.


We are looking for sponsors, partners and other interested parties who, like us, are passionate about nature and its powers and believe that film is the right medium to spread the good message.

We offer three different opportunities to benefit from our project. We are also open to discuss other forms of cooperation. Contact us here.

If you want to see a taste of the movie, we have a pilot ready. Get in touch and we'll arrange a screening. You can find our contact information here.

  1. You need content for social media or your own internal or external film project. We offer parts of the movie with or without product placement. Of course, we help you edit the end result according to your needs and wishes.
  2. If you and/or your staff want to participate in the filming or even be in the movie, it is possible. We will help you tailor your participation according to your wishes. You will also have access to the film in its entirety.
  3. If you like our idea so much that you want to help produce the film, you are welcome. As a co-producer, you will be involved throughout the process and have the opportunity to influence the end result.