Lectures and training


We have extensive experience lecturing in companies and universities on various topics. We work by engaging the audience in discussions and adapt the presentations to the group's conditions. Below are examples of topics we have previously lectured on. However, we are open to discuss other related topics or combinations to suit your needs.

  • Vision and values management of companies
  • The importance of nature for people and business
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Change management
  • Setting up and working with a management team
  • Methodology for clients
  • Steering group work
  • Project management for business people
  • Change processes in companies
  • Processes and process management
  • Sales - Methodology, strategy and tactics
  • Business development 0 - 100
  • Developments in trade
  • Digitalization - history and future

Tailor-made training for your needs

We use proven methodology and our training programs are quality assured by qualified teachers and head teachers.

  • Our unique approach means that we link education and training to existing business or operational plans, providing a good background and understanding of why staff do what they do.
  • In addition to theory, we also have practical sessions where we explain the necessary procedures and actions. All from the perspective of the client company's situation and its role in the market and society.
  • International certification and diplomas are available.
  • We use highly experienced trainers and consultants in teaching and training. All teachers have practical experience in their subject area.
  • All courses are quality assured by a qualified teacher and principal.
  • We also offer personalized coaching to all students after completing their training. Coaching allows you to apply your new knowledge faster.

Our training courses - Some examples

  • Writing decision-making documents for an investment or project - Full-day training for those who want to write successful decision-making documents and make business cases.
  • Commissioning training - Full-day training for management teams to learn or improve their project commissioning skills.
  • Steering group work - Half-day training sessions for steering group members.
  • Rocky Mountains/Banff | Business Basecamp - An education for those who lead change. In collaboration with Business Basecamp Read more here.
  • Outdoor leadership training in the Business Basecamp. Read more here.
  • Vision and values management - History and implementation
  • Change - Why is change important and what are the governing mechanisms.
  • Processes and process management - History and methodology
  • Business development 0 - 100 - Creating real sustainable businesses
  • Sales - Methodology, strategy and tactics for salespeople

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