The book

The book B4Adventures
by Magnus Brink

Imagine being able to turn off the squirrel wheel, ignoring emails, cell phones and appointments. Imagine packing only the essentials, locking up the house, taking the kids and spending a year adventuring around the world. Waving palm trees in the South Sea. Breathtaking scenery and wildlife in New Zealand. Meeting exciting people and a different culture in Indonesia. Waist-deep powder snow in Canada.

Read the story of a family that took back control of their lives.

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Readers' comments

"It brought tears to my eyes."
"You want to read more!"
"A lot of thought-provoking aspects."
"A really good story that gave me, the reader, chills."
"Many laughs."
"Wonderful reading!"
"Provided an incentive to travel and also a lot of valuable tips."
"Wonderful book that evokes emotions. What an adventure and journey of life."
"Had a lot of fun."
"Recognized many emotions."
"Great fun to read."

Some pictures from the book

About the book

The book is a summary of Magnus' extensive diary entries from the year-long round-the-world trip he and his family made in 2006-2007.

In addition to the personal account of the preparations and adventures during the trip, the book contains reflections on Sweden, the world, break-ups and change.

The book has hard covers, has 67 pages and is illustrated with many color photos.

About the author

The author Magnus Brink is a family man, management consultant and entrepreneur and board member who, together with his family, has had adventures on six continents. He prefers to travel on foot, on skis or by bike in the forest and in the mountains.

Together with his wife Christel, he runs Tangaroa AB, which offers consultants and services for business development and adventure.