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Tangaroa Consulting® and
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Tangaroa Consulting® is part of Tangaroa AB, a family business founded in 2007, which for more than 16 years has been trusted to help owners and managers of more than 120 companies and other organizations with, among other things, change management through business planning and business development. We work in a structured way by using and developing proven and recognized effective working methods.

By objective and factual challenging managers' existing working methods and structures and adding our knowledge, experience and creativity, we can help our clients achieve their goals and give them an edge over their competitors.

Our broad experience from senior positions in marketing and sales, processes, IT, controlling, strategic planning and project management allows us to understand how different parts of a company or project need to work together to be successful.

Our assignments were initially in banking and insurance, but over the last ten years we have also worked in IT, trade, service, e-commerce, education, energy, industry, media, public sector and non-profit organizations in Sweden and abroad.

On the trail to real value

Time flies when you're having fun. Movement, adventure and nature give us and our clients new insights.

16+ years
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Movement, adventure and nature

We believe that life is about movement and adventure. We challenge ourselves mentally and physically to achieve balance and well-being.

We appreciate the tranquility of nature and have a desire to breathe fresh air. And above all: We are in constant motion. And we never stop enjoying the journey.

Some people call us rebels when we question tradition and reject the norm, but working with us also means sharing our movement and free thinking.

We are independent but aware of others and we are constantly looking for opportunities to give something back. We are happy to drop everything to help you solve your problems.

Nature in business

We at Tangaroa AB see nature as a great source of inspiration and a place where we solve problems and develop ourselves and our clients.

It is therefore natural for us to do our best to protect nature and ensure that nature is part of our business. When we develop ourselves and our business, we always make decisions with great respect for nature.

We see nature enhancement measures as investments.

POW logo

One % for the planet

As members of the international organization 1% for the Planet, we invest at least 1% of our annual turnover in various projects for our nature.

We were the first Swedish consulting company to become a member back in 2009. Since then, we have invested in projects run by the World Wildlife Fund, Naturarvet, Naturskyddsföreningen and Protect Our Winters.

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We and our network of experienced and carefully selected specialists and generalists in their own companies make it possible to offer the commitment of the individual consultant but with the combined power of a larger organization.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Magnus Brink

Magnus specializes in advising, executive coaching and leading strategic change processes at owner, board of directors and management level.

Photo of Christel Brink

Christel Brink

Christel specializes in helping management teams and clients to ensure that their business ideas have the desired impact.

Our history


  • Tangaroa AB is founded
  • Soulbiz® Consulting Network is formed


  • Assignments in Norway and Finland
  • Launch of B4Adventures®


  • Assignments at banks in Sweden
  • Join 1% For The Planet


  • Assignment of owners, board of directors and management teams


  • Assignments at banks and insurance companies
  • Assignments in government organizations and universities


  • Launch of Business Basecamp™
  • Launch of training activities
  • Teaching assignments at Berghs School of Communication
  • Assignments in IT in Sweden


  • Assignments in more than 40 companies
  • Launch of the B4Adventure® e-commerce concept
  • First Business Summer Camp


  • Assignments in more than 10 sectors
  • Launch of Executive Coaching


  • Expert consultants for Almi in several regions
  • Assignments in fast-growing companies


  • Launch of Leadership in the Rocky Mountains


  • 10th anniversary!


  • Strategy missions for large organizations
  • Launch Walk & Conference

2020 -23

  • Crisis management
    and scenario planning
  • Restructuring
  • Recruitment of leaders
  • M&A

Today 2024

  • Hundreds of assignments in more than 120 companies and organizations in 14 industries. Consultant to owners, boards and managers.
  • Executive coaching, business planning, change management and training.
  • Business Basecamp™

Our other businesses

Soulbiz® Consulting Network

As we believe in the power of the independent consultant, we have chosen not to have employees but can still offer the strength of a larger organization through our network.

Business Basecamp™

Our unique mobile conference facility.


Our service for people who want to start or develop a small business.

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.