Business and operational planning

Business and Operational Planning

Thoughtful structure for smart decision-making

A business or operational plan is a structured description of the conditions that exist and what needs to be done to achieve the goals of the business and/or to realize a business idea. Some people call it a strategy.

The point of a plan is not to follow it slavishly. It's about creating a thoughtful structure for smart decision-making that allows you to succeed no matter what the future brings.

How we work

At the start of our assignment, we review with the leader the conditions for the planning process. A clear mission statement is developed. It is common that we then involve the whole board of directors/management team. If we deem it appropriate, we can even involve the entire organization. By involving people, the business plan is anchored at the same time as it is created and all managers and employees are given a well-defined assignment where responsibilities and powers are clear.

Achieving results and impacts brings satisfaction and recognition.

A well-designed business plan increases the likelihood of achieving the desired results, objectives and impacts.

Being able to show results and impacts also makes more people in the community want to participate and contribute.

Transparency creates trust

Thoughtful communication during implementation confirms that the work meets the expectations of the plan and that any changes are made for good reason.

Employees have confidence in management when they receive evidence that resources have been used appropriately.

It seems likely that the activities will make it possible to achieve even ambitious goals.

Involved employees create better results

When people are involved in deciding what to do, the plan becomes a shared concern.

You get the feeling that the activity belongs to the participants, which creates commitment and a sense of responsibility.

Experience makes for better future work

Evaluation, planning, implementation and learning are interrelated. A good evaluation provides evidence to say that the activities have produced the desired effects. Careful evaluation of the outcomes of previous years' plans provides valuable information for future years' planning.

Time for reflection is an investment.

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