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Turning ideas into reality in a structured way

Magnus Brink is an entrepreneur, management consultant and board member with a unique ability to turn ideas into reality in a structured way. He specializes in consulting, executive coaching and facilitation of strategic change plans and processes at owner level, board level and management level.

He has previously held senior positions such as Head of Corporate Development and Vice President for Nordic Expansion in SEB Group.

Magnus founded his own consulting company Tangaroa AB in 2007 and has over the past 16 years been entrusted to help owners and leaders in more than 120 companies and non-profit organizations in Sweden and internationally. His assignments and appointments have been in a large number of industries with some focus on family or partner-owned organizations.

As an entrepreneur, in addition to Tangaroa AB, Magnus has successfully developed the outdoor conference concept Business Basecamp™ and the e-commerce concept B4Adventures®, he has also written a book of the same name. He is currently executive producer for a big screen film project.

Magnus is brave, curious and creative and likes to break new ground and solve new and old problems. He has a systematic approach and practices leadership as an inspiring, involving and challenging coach.

Together with his family, Magnus has undertaken many adventures in nature on six continents and enjoys hiking and skiing in the forest and mountains. He is also a passionate fly fisherman.

Magnus and Tangaroa Consulting® offer advice, executive coaching, consulting services, training and lectures in the areas of corporate, business and organizational development, business planning and adventure in nature.

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